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Located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, McKnight UMC sits just off of McKnight Road about two miles after the McKnight Road exit on Route 279 North. For directions, please click here.

This summer we will be having one Sunday morning worship service at 10 AM.  It will run from June 3 (Sunday after Memorial Day) through September 2 (Labor Day weekend). The single service will be a blended worship that includes both Modern and Traditional elements.

This Sunday, May 27 will be Trinity Sunday, and we will recognize Memorial Day, The message will be "Dwelling in the Kingdom of Gos" from Isaiah 6:1-8 and John 3:1-17.  Click this link to go to the "Pastor's Ponderings" for further thoughts.  


Check out Pastor Bruce's weekly "ponderings" about his messages every Sunday here.


We are excited to announce that this fall we will again have a prechool at McKnight UMC!  A preschool that has been around for 38 years, and has had to relocate, they have a stellar reputation.  Karen Tobais has taught a number of their children in kindergarten, and all have been very well prepared.  On a personal note, three of their "graduates" are the three grandchildren of my mother's best friend--nicer, smarter, and more delightful children you will never meet (although I will admit I am not objective).

Director Kathy Duncan and Lead Teacher Laurie Merwin are excited to be welcomed to a facility that is perfectly set up for a preschool. They already have half of their enrollment filled, even with not knowing where they were going to end up, and we--and they-are confident that the other half will fill up quickly.  Their enthusiasm and dedication was apparent to the "Space Committee", Trustees, and Council, who all voted unanimously that we welcome them.

 Formerly called Mt. Assisi Academy Preschool, they will assume a new name (which is still in process of being determined) upon moving to McKnight.

We will have Kathy and Laurie present for a Mission Moment on a Sunday in May, so you can meet them and see what we have seen--a dedicated and enthusiastic duo who are thrilled to be able to continue their teaching and encouraging of young children.  More than one person has described this as a "win-win"--for them, and for us.  I agree!

                                                                               Pastor Bruce



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