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General Organization of the McKnight Church Library

The church library is organized on the Dewey Decimal system beginning with the 100’s and ending with the 900’s. Most of the books in the library are in the 200 range. That is the religion category.

In the red notebook are the lists of the books beginning with:

  • 100’s through 900’s—
    major listing of adult books
  • E—Books for children and those to be read to children and picture books
  • J—Books for 8- 14 ages

The categories are general and many books within those categories can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Many books in the adult section will not be of interest to those under 14 and may include themes and material more appropriate for older youth and adults only.

In the library are two loose leaf notebooks with lists in them:
**The red notebook holds the decimal, author, and title listings.
**The white notebook has a listing of subjects by which the Dewey system lists books.

The subject areas have corresponding Dewey numbers and you can look to see if there are any books in that subject category.

All books are available for you to borrow. Please sign them out and leave the card on the tray.